Born x xx, 19xx, x, England.

He was The Electric Light Orchestra's cello player from oct. 1971 to july 1972.

The Electric Light Orchestra's debut concert took place on 16 April 1972 at The Greyhound Pub in Croydon, UK, with a line-up of Roy Wood, Jeff Lynne, Bev Bevan, Bill Hunt, Wilf Gibson (violin), Hugh McDowell (cello), Mike Edwards (cello), Andy Craig (cello) and Richard Tandy (bass). However, tensions soon surfaced between Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne due to problems with management. During the recordings for the band's second LP, Roy Wood left the band taking cellist Hugh McDowell and horn/keyboard player Bill Hunt with him to form Wizzard. Despite predictions from the music press that the band would fold without Roy Wood, who had been the driving force behind the creation of The Electric Light Orchestra, Jeff Lynne stepped up to lead the band, with Bev Bevan remaining on drums, joined by Wilf Gibson on violin, Richard Tandy now playing the Moog synthesiser in place of Bill Hunt, Mike de Albuquerque on bass and vocals, and Mike Edwards and Colin Walker on cellos.

Andy quit rock business after ELO 1.