Born Dec. 10, 1946, Mosely, Birmingham, England.

He is an English bassist. Ace Kefford's career in music began in the early 1960s when he played in various bands like 'The Jesters' who backed influential Birmingham vocalist Danny King and Ace later joined Carl Wayne and The Vikings.

Ace Kefford was 19 years old when he formed The Move in October 1965 with Trevor Burton, after meeting David Bowie at Birmingham's Cedar Club, following a performance by Bowie's band Davy Jones and the Lower Third. The duo invited Roy Wood, then Carl Wayne and Bev Bevan to join and complete the classic Move line-up.

After leaving The Move in mid-1968, Kefford embarked on a solo album with record producer, Tony Visconti, at the Olympic and Trident studios in London. Eight songs were recorded, including "Save the Life of My Child", featuring Jimmy Page on guitar. However, Kefford abandoned the project and the album remained unreleased until 2003 (as Ace The Face, Sanctuary Records). Kefford formed The Ace Kefford Stand in 1968, which included guitarist Dave Ball, bassist Dennis Ball and legendary drummer Cozy Powell.

He wrote the song "William Chalker's Time Machine", a 1968 single by The Lemon Tree.

Kefford has bipolar disorder. His leaving The Move came after a period of heavy gigging and experimentation with LSD. Despite the band's success, Ace Kefford became a casualty of those crazy times and was forced to leave The Move after having a nervous breakdown. In a rare interview in 2003, he discussed that period with the Birmingham Mail.