THE IDLE RACE CD: Back to the Story.

Released: 2007
Produced by: Div.
Engineered by:
Recorded in:

Cover design by: Gill & Matt
Label: EMI 0946 3 85304 2 8
Barcode: 094638530428
Country: EEC
Item: 377
Runout A: IFPI LV03 ims manufacturing 3853102
Runout B: IFPI LV03 ims manufacturing 3853112

A1: The Skeleton and the roundabout (Jeff Lynne)
A2: Happy Birthsday (Chevin & Offord)
A3: The Birthsday (Jeff Lynne)
A4: I like my Toys (Jeff Lynne)
A5: The Morning sunshine (Jeff Lynne)
A6: Follow me, follow (Jeff Lynne)
A7: Sitting in my Tree (Jeff Lynne)
A8: On with the show (Jeff Lynne)
A9: Lucky Man (Jeff Lynne)
A10: (Don't put your boys in the army) Mrs. Ward (Jeff Lynne)
A11: Pie in the sky (Dave Pritchard)
A12: The Lady who said she could fly (Jeff Lynne)
A13: The End of the Road (Jeff Lynne)
A14: Come with me (Jeff Lynne)
A15: Sea of dreams (Jeff Lynne)
A16: Going home (Jeff Lynne)
A17: Reminds Me of you (Dave Pritchard)
A18: Mr. Crow and Sir Norman (Jeff Lynne)
A19: Please no more sad songs (Jeff Lynne)
A20: Girl at the Window (Jeff Lynne)
A21: Big Chief Woolley Bosher (Jeff Lynne)
A22: Someone knocking (Dave Pritchard)
A23: A better life (The Weather Man knows) (Jeff Lynne)
A24: Hurry up John (Jeff Lynne)
A25: Lucky Man (Alternative version) (Jeff Lynne)
A26: Follow me, follow (Alternative version) (Jeff Lynne)
A27: Days of broken Arrown (Alternative version) (Jeff Lynne)
B1: Here we go round the Lemon Tree (Roy Wood)
B2: My father's son (Dave Pritchard)
B3: Imposters of Life's Magazine (Jeff Lynne)
B4: Knocking nails into my House (Jeff Lynne)
B5: Days of broken Arrows (Jeff Lynne)
B6: Worn red Carpet (Dave Pritchard)
B7: In the Summertime (Dorset)
B8: Told you twice (Dave Pritchard)
B9: Neanderthal Man (Godley, Creme, Stewart)
B10: Victim of Circumstance (Dave Pritchard)
B11: Dancing flower (Dave Pritchard)
B12: Sad O'sad (Dave Pritchard)
B13: The Clock (Dave Pritchard)
B14: I will see you (Dave Pritchard)
B15: By the Sun (Dave Pritchard)
B16: Alcatraz (Dave Pritchard, Spencer, Walker, Hopkins)
B17: And the Rain (Dave Pritchard, Walker)
B18: She sang Hymns out of tune (Kincaid)
B19: Bitter Green (Lightfood)
B20: We want it all (Dave Pritchard)