Sun of Gutbucket.

Released: 1969
Produced by:
Engineered by:
Recorded in:

Cover design by:
Label: Liberty, LBX 4
Country: United Kingdom
Item: 371
Runout A: LBX 4 A//2 ▽ 420 172
Runout B: LBX 4 B//1 ▽ 420 1 1 6

A1: Bootleg - Creedence Clearwater Revival
A2: My baby she ain't nothing.. - Ian Anderson's Country Blues Band
A3: I got love if you want it - Johnny Winter
A4: Preparation G - T.I.M.E.
A5: Walking down their outlook - High Tide
A6: Oh Death - Jo-Ann Kelly & Tony McPhee
A7: Don't mean a thing - Floating Bridge
A8: Sergeant Sunshine - Roy Harper
A9: Mistreated - Groundhogs
B1: Sic 'em Pigs - Canned Heat
B2: Hard headed woman - Andy Fernbach
B3: T.B. Blues - McKenna Mendelson Mainline
B4: Sunshine Possibilities - Famous Jug Band
B5: Hurry up John - Idle Race
B6: I'm so tired - Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts
B7: Leavin' my home - T.I.M.E.
B8: Sugar on the line - Aynsley Dunbar Retallation