THE IDLE RACE 12": Schizophrenic Psychedelia.

Released: 2019
Produced by: Matt Block
Mastered by: Pete Weiss at Verdant Studios
Lacquers were cut by Jeff Powell at Sam Phillips Studio.


Cover design by: Courtesy of Pictorial Press Ltd.
Label: Run Out Groove, ROGV 034, Clear 180g No. 553, limited to 1.953 worlwide.
Country: US / EU
Item: 668
Runout A: 22110 1A ROGV 036 SIDE A
Runout B: 22111 1B ROGV 036 SIDE B

A1: Here we go round the Lemon Tree (Roy Wood) (2:45)
A2: My father's son (Dave Pritchard) (2:15)
A3: Imposters of Life's Magazine (Jeff Lynne) (2:21)
A4: Sitting in my Tree (Jeff Lynne) (2:50)
A5: The Skeleton and the roundabout (Jeff Lynne) (2:15)
A6: Knocking nails into my House (Jeff Lynne) (2:27)
A7: The End of the Road (Jeff Lynne) (2:05)
A8: The Morning sunshine (Jeff Lynne) (2:45)
A9: Days of broken Arrows (Jeff Lynne) (3:51)
B1: Worn red Carpet (Dave Pritchard) (3:04)
B2: Neanderthal Man (Godley, Creme, Stewart) (3:57)
B3: Victim of Circumstance (Dave Pritchard) (3:36)
B4: In the summertime (Ray Dorset) (2:58)
B5: Told you twice (Jeff Lynne) (3:38)
B6: Lucky Man (Alternative Take) (Jeff Lynne) (2:36)
B7: Follow me, follow (Alternative Take) (Jeff Lynne) (1:56)