THE IDLE RACE 12": Light At The End Of The Road.

Released: 1985
Produced by:
Track A1,2,3,4,9 & B5,6,7 Chevin/Offord & Idle Race
Track A5,6 & B1,2,3,4 Jeff Lynne
Track A7,8 & B8 Chevin/Offord
Track B9 Noel Walker & Jeff Lynne
Mastered by:


Cover design by: The Raven Desig Group
Label: See For Miles LTD. SEE60
Barcode: 5014661006016
Country: UK
Item: 669
Runout B: MPO SEE 60 B¹ JONZ

A1: The End of the Road (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A2: The Morning sunshine (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A3: The Lady who said she could fly (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A4: Happy Birthsday / The Birthday (Chevin & Offord) / (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A5: Girl at the Window (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A6: Big Chief Woolley Bosher (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
A7: Here we go round the Lemon Tree (Roy Wood) (-:--)
A8: My father's son (Dave Pritchard) (-:--)
A9: The Skeleton and the roundabout (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
B1: Come with me (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
B2: Going home (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
B3: Mr. Crow and Sir Norman (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
B4: Please no more sad songs (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
B5: Follow me, follow (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
B6: On with the show (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
B7: Lucky Man (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
B8: Imposters of Life's Magazine (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)
B9: Days of broken Arrows (Jeff Lynne) (-:--)