ELO, Lyrics:
In my own time.

Doom, gloom and misery
That's what you gave to me
Cold, tight, late and mean
Beyond my wildest dreams

Now that it's over
And the sun came out to shine
Don't look for me
'Cause I set myself free
In my own time

New days have come along
And now I'm at where I belong
Blue sky shines above
And I got someone to love

Now I think about it
Lifts the clouds from my mind
Goin' out on the sea
Getting further from me
In my own time
My own time

Bye, bye, bye, bye
Is that a tear in your eye
Too late to cry
You and your precious disguise

Sometimes I wonder if I ever saw the sign
But it's too late to care
'Cause I've done that, been there
In my own time

So don't look for me
'Cause I set myself free
In my own time
In my own time

Jeff Lynne

From the 2001 CD, Zoom.

"In My Own Time" from Zoom: Over the course of the song's bridge, Rosie Vela (as the naughty tap-dancing Spanish lady) speaks some lines in Spanish. It's not entirely clear what she is saying, but the last few lines can be made out as "Y la biblioteca, ¿donde está?" In English, that translates as "And the library, where is it?" What is this supposed to mean? It's a mystery. It's likely Jeff just being cheeky again.