Jeff Lynne's ELO, 2016 review: Zurich, Switzerland

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The shy Pathetiker
After more than 30 years he goes back on a world tour and supplies euphony from, but no voltage: Jeff Lynne and his Electric Light Orchestra crowded yesterday from the Hallenstadion.

He comes from the heavy industrial city of Birmingham as the Moody Blues, Duran Duran and other escapist, and perhaps can be his longing for harmony explain the origin. On the other hand are also Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin half from the same town, which argues against the interpretation. Where he got the inspiration for his music, Jeff Lynne's former fellow musicians Roy Wood has said in an equally honest as fatal sentence which follows his partner like a perfume: You wanted to continue with the Electric Light Orchestra "there have where the Beatles stopped ┬╗. Since two have made the epigones and selected the Fantastic Four as a model. Not a good idea.

On the other hand, John Lennon himself, is not known for fast compliments, called Lynne band "the sons of the Beatles". And when, after Lennon's sudden death, who found three remaining Beatles for two admissions, they called Lynne in as producer. Previously, he had gathered with Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Roy Orbison and Tom Petty in Dylan's garage to make music together, that was not bad. And anyway Lynne has sold over 50 million albums, and his ongoing world tour, the first for over thirty years was a flash out of stock.

Customer fulfillment

The one and a half hour concert on Tuesday night at the Hallenstadion made clear why: It was consistently focused on the delivery of client requests. Lynne and his twelve companions, including two keyboardists, two accompanying singers, two cellists and a violinist, his hits played with jointless competence. And just as the audience knows from the plate. So an evening of nostalgia for the nostalgia. What Lynne had planned with carrying on, came yesterday to every corner of the big hall: the melodiousness of the pioneers with the pathos of admirer. That the seventies in much the disillusioned reissue of the sixties were, as is sometimes said: Rarely confirmation has so sounded like bouffant at this concert. Seized prayed to the audience Lynne songs that so often about unhappiness and loneliness and sound always cloudless fulfillment.

The band needed a handful of songs until the sound had reached the height of Lynne's claims, but with "Showdown", Lennon's favorite piece of ELO, the balance was achieved. And there were Pleasing to hear what already Jeff Lynne is one bright, flexible voice. How much remained committed his appearance the past, made "10538 Overture" before, the first single from Lynne band. The song quoted above clearly Lennon's "Dear Prudence" with the strings of "I Am the Walrus", but erupted into a powerfully played, soulful version and gave the audience the highlight of the evening. Lynne arpeggios on the guitar also proves that he had not only famous models, but talented offspring: Abba have his idea for her intro of "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) "shamelessly second used.

After just over an hour ELO "Don't Bring Me Down" inserted after a triumphant rock piece from the disco time. Forgiving also agreed to the last song before the encore, Lynne had written it in a Swiss chalet, on the day when at last the sun was shining on the mountains after two weeks: "Mr. Blue Sky". And while we're on to enumerate: Even "When I Was a Boy" sounded pleasant, the first single from the last album. And if you'll excuse me, I put on my anorak for a short time. Because Lynne Song title quotes a line of "She Said, She Said", the tormented piece of John Lennon on "Revolver", which maintains a death experience. Lennon musicalises the threatening theme in his typical harmonic and rhythmic restlessness that once soars into Happy, namely just when Lennon sings this line. Witty admits Lynne titled one, his model risked and he avoids: the courage to dissonance.

His penchant declared a comforting why he produced with his companions over longer distances boredom and the concert until full speed recorded with "Roll Over Beethoven", the blast of Chuck Berry. Jeff Lynne is a perfectionist, which makes it a good producer. But when perfection always threatens the predictability. The gifted imitator has taken over the harmonies of the Beatles, but not their sharpness and their humor, their talent for the reduction. Pathos can show size by exuberance; but mostly it fails at its bad taste. Ironically go Lynne from the big gestures, no moment, he plays on the stage in the foreground. The musician is regarded as shy, tours, he never liked really, preferring, alone in the studio ├╝bereinanderzuschichten instruments. On his latest album, he plays almost all vocal tracks themselves, to guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and vibraphone. Jeff Lynne wanted to continue, and he did. Only he made it rare to stop at the right moment.


Introduction Theme
Evil Woman
All Over the World
When I Was a Boy
Livin' Thing
Strange Magic
10538 Overture
Secret Messages
Shine a Little Love
(followed by band introductions)
Wild West Hero
Telephone Line
Turn to Stone
Don't Bring Me Down
Sweet Talkin' Woman
Mr. Blue Sky
Roll Over Beethoven
(Chuck Berry cover)