Jeff Lynne's ELO, 2016 review: Nottingham

From: Nottingham Post

ELO at Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham

Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra was a "show to remember" at the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham on Thursday night. Our reviewer Patrick Astill gives his highlights of the sold out concert

This gig was astonishing. There's no other way to describe the spectacle Nottingham witnessed last night.

This wasn't the last vestiges of a rock dinosaur looking for an elephantine graveyard.

This was a breath of life, fresh air on an evening that might just herald the start of summer.

Jeff Lynne brought his new incarnation of ELO to the Arena and filled the place.

Big music, big crowd – huge talent.

From the off the man behind some of the biggest sounds of the 70s and 80s showed us exactly why he's regarded with such reverence.

It was astonishing because some of us younger ones never thought we'd get to see one of the biggest bands in rock history in the flesh. Jeff managed something new with the Travelling Wilburys but this was a welcome return what he does best. Singer, composer, songwriter, arranger, musician and producer – no one could deny he's got the lot.

And it was a sell-out crowd. I've never seen the Arena packed to the rafters like this and if you closed off one ear, the knowledgeable and appreciative audience could be heard echoing every syllable of every song,

Yet this was more than a love-in. Each and every number was a hit… a tune we knew, a lyric we love and a riff to grasp hold of.

The new album Alone in the Universe brings something fresh to the perfectly-executed back-catalogue. You may have heard When I was a Boy on the radio, and it's one of the strongest tracks on his latest release.

But of course, it's those hits from Radio 2 of days gone by that really get the crowd moving.

We worked our way through a couple of tunes from Discovery, Out of the Blue and Eldorado, and then Rock Aria sets the Arena alight. With its rock opera overtones, it took the concert to a new level.

The string trio brought an authentic touch, along with original keyboard player Richard Tandy in the mix as well as talented backing singers and a band that really cut the ice.

ELO has a distinctive blend of rock, pop and classical music, and enjoyed 26 UK Top 40 singles and sold more than 50 million records worldwide.

Living Thing, Turn to Stone, Sweet Talking Woman and Mr Blue Sky may have been the best-known tunes on the night but every song was a hit, each tune highlight. Wonderful images on the big screens and an amazing light show, particularly during Secret Messages, from the album of the same name, made this a show to remember,

Jeff Lynne may have achieved fame for landing a UFO at venues in the 70s and 80s, he's enhanced his reputation with this retrospective.


Evil Woman
All Over the World
When I Was a Boy
Livin' Thing
Ain't It a Drag
Can't Get It Out of My Head
When the Night Comes
Secret Messages
Steppin' Out
Shine a Little Love
Wild West Hero
Telephone Line
Turn to Stone
Don't Bring Me Down
Sweet Talkin' Woman
Mr. Blue Sky
Roll Over Beethoven
(Chuck Berry cover)